The Consultation Process

If you feel you have a legal issue that we can help with, we invite you to contact us to set up a Consultation meeting.

The Consultation Meeting

You will meet with one or more of our lawyers at the Consultation meeting. Special arrangements can be made to conduct a Consultation meeting by telephone conference where distance or other circumstances prevent a meeting at our office. We can arrange the Consultation meeting on a weekday evening or on a weekend day as may be required to accommodate your schedule.

The Consultation provides you with an opportunity to tell us about your concerns and the reasons you are seeking our professional advice.

We will work to explain how the law applies to your particular situation and we will assess the legal strategies that can be used to meet your needs, interests and goals.

At the conclusion of the Consultation, we expect to provide you with an understanding of the law as applied to your situation and an outline of the legal strategy and options that we recommend to assist you to achieve your objectives. We can provide a written Opinion if you require our recommendations in writing.

The Consultation Fee

The cost of the Consultation depends on the complexity of your matter. We will discuss the Consultation fee with you when we have an understanding of the issue(s) you wish to discuss with us.

Our Consultation fee covers

  • our review of any documents that you provide to us,
  • any legal research that may be required in advance of the meeting and
  • the 1-2 hours we will spend speaking with you at the Consultation meeting

Payment of the Consultation fee is required prior to or at the time of the Consultation, in cash or by a bank draft. We accept e-mail payments. We do not accept payment by credit cards.

Going Forward

Following the Consultation meeting, and in the event we recommend a course of action and you decide to instruct us to proceed, you will be charged an hourly rate for our services and we will require a retainer payment in accordance with our standard retainer agreement which we will discuss with you at the Consultation meeting.

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