Disability & Pension Compensation


Shell Lawyers provides legal advice and representation to individuals, organizations, and trade unions on all matters relating to government and private disability insurance policies and benefits.

Dedicated to defending our clients' rights and advancing the rights of persons with disabilities, we can help you navigate through the complex laws and processes associated with: 

  • Private insurance companies 
  • Ontario Disability Support Program 
  • Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit
  • Disability benefits conferred through collective bargaining.

We are able to assist with initial applications for benefits, and to challenge decisions by insurance companies to terminate or modify benefits.   

We have successfully negotiated and litigated many disability and pension claims in the courts and at administrative tribunals. 

We can set a course for obtaining supportive and appropriate medical evaluations.

We can assist with the creation of instruments to insure that ODSP benefits are not lost in a range of circumstances when a recipient is receiving ODSP and is a beneficiary of a will or where parents wish to create mechanisms to assist their adult children with disabilities when they can no longer provide informal financial assistance within ODSP limitations.

Our dedication and perseverance is a crucial part of ensuring justice for persons with disabilities in the workplace and more generally, throughout our society.

Wrongerfully Terminated?


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