Labour Relations & Grievance Arbitration


Shell Lawyers offers assistance on all matters affecting the democratic organization of the workplace into trade unions and employee organizations. We represent the interests of trade unions at grievance arbitrations, before provincial and federal labour boards, and before the Courts.

Committed to advising and representing trade unions, employee organizations and  professional associations, Shell Lawyers offers assistance on all matters affecting the collective interests of employees.

We are proud of the strides the labour movement has made for its members and for all of the people of Canada. We know that the interests of our clients must be continually advanced and protected from those committed to eroding hard fought trade union rights.

At Shell Lawyers we can assist your trade union or professional association with: 

  • Precedent setting litigation before the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the Canada Industrial Relations Board. 
  • Complex Grievance Arbitration including multiple discharges, false accusations, discrimination and harassment in the workplace. 
  • Organizing Campaigns and the Certification process.
  • Labour Disputes, injunctions and other proceedings that arise in the context of strikes and lockouts. 
  • Complex Collective bargaining. 

The Shell Lawyers Team has consulted, provided advice, organized and advocated on behalf of trade unions, employee organizations and professional associations and their members throughout Canada. 

Guided throughout by senior legal counsel, Brian Shell, our lawyers are not content to simply accept the constraints placed upon collective groups of workers who have organized themselves into effective representative and democratic organizations. We strategize, plan and fight to improve workplace issues for working people. 

If you and your membership require creative solutions to difficult problems, not "off the shelf" representation, contact Brian Shell or one of our lawyer Team members without delay. 

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