Litigation & Class Action Proceedings


We are experienced and effective litigators who have represented plaintiffs and defendants in ordinary, simplified, small claims, and class action proceedings before all levels of court.  We are committed to providing our clients with innovative, expert and cost-effective representation. We ensure the interests of our clients are thoroughly advanced regardless of the complexity of the litigation. We work without clients so they grasp every aspect of the process and are informed about all developments and settlement considerations.

Our litigation team regularly appears before all levels of the Courts to represent clients in matters including: 

  • Civil and appellate trial advocacy. 
  • Judicial review of administrative tribunal decision making.
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Litigation.

We can provide you with legal advice and strategies to address the risks you may encounter in any litigation before you are faced with mounting legal costs.

What is a Class Action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is where one or more persons sue on behalf of a group of people who have all suffered a similar harm at the hands of the same person, persons, company, or organization and where the foundation facts are substantially common to all class members. 

The advantage of a class action is that a group of people can bring a lawsuit where the case might be too expensive or too complex for a single plaintiff to pursue on his or her own. 

A judge will determine whether a lawsuit should proceed by way of a class action. All legal fees in  connection with class actions are subject to the approval of the Court.

Shell Lawyers has been actively engaged in ensuring that this "access to justice" process is available to all Canadians, whatever their means.

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