Work Place Injuries & Compensation


If you suffer an injury at work that requires medical assistance, results in lost time from work, or results in lost income, you may be entitled to file a claim for benefits with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). 

We are able to assist when you are having difficulties asserting your rights with the WSIB, including challenging decisions to terminate loss of earnings and challenging decisions respecting non-economic loss awards and Work Re-Integration or Work Transition plans.  We can represent you at all stages of your dispute up to and including at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT).

Shell Lawyers has extensive experience in matters relating to the WSIB. Our legal counsel will: 

  • Provide a legal opinion on your claim.
  • Defend your rights and interests stemming from your injury 
  • Help you receive the medical and financial support you are entitled to 
  • Protect you from further injury at your workplace 
  • Ensure your return to work, with proper accommodation 

What you should know: 

  • A claim can be made after professional medical attention is given and your employer is notified of the injury. 
  • Contact the WSIB immediately if you made a claim to WSIB and you do not understand or disagree with a Decision arising from your injury in the workplace. 
  • In any disagreement with a Decision made by your WSIB adjudicator, there are strict time limits that must be followed in order to file objections and appeals. 
  • Our senior counsel, Brian Shell, is co-author of one of the leading texts on the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, the legislation in Ontario that governs work related injuries.
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