Innovative Solutions

We know that litigation is often unsatisfying and upsetting, both financially and emotionally.  We also know that it is not the only way to achieve results.  At Shell Lawyers, we work with you to discover the real interests underlying your legal dispute, and to discover and create solutions that will meet and address those interests, whether through negotiation, mediation, coaching or otherwise.  

"Justice" is both in the eyes of the beholder and much more elusive than television script writers often portray. You are entitled to a very careful evaluation of all aspects of your case, precise attention to factual detail and an appreciation for sometimes very complex legal principles, in the course of our evaluation of the risks, bumps and obstacles in your litigation path. And it is important not to forget that the management of leverage, subtle pressure - in short, a winning and effective strategy - are important features in ensuring successful settlement, whether pre-trial or pre-arbitration, or with the assistance of a mediator.

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